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CHARTS Annual Review cover.png
Client Name:

The Culture, Heritage and Arts Assembly (Argyll & Bute)

Project Name:

Annual Review 2021-22

Annual Review 2022-23

Business Plan 2024-27

The Culture, Heritage and Arts Assembly (CHARTS) is a relatively young organisation but it has had a big impact in region it operates in - Argyll and Bute. In their words,
 was conceived through the desire to create a sustainable future for the culture, heritage and arts sector in Argyll. It has been developed through Creative Scotland’s Place Partnership Programme, with additional European funding secured through the Leader programme. Through extensive consultation with the sector and a two year programme of delivery, CHARTS is now a registered, membership-led charity (SCIO)." 


Tacit-Tacit in partnership with Ruskin Lane won the contract to design CHARTS' Annual Review and we worked closely with their team to structure the document and refine the existing branding.

The original branding had been developed by icecream architecture and included a strong logo which we extracted elements from to form shapes and patterns that defined sections within the review.

We expanded the colour palette to allow for greater contrasts between text and page colour and flipped the typefaces used for headings and body text to improve the publication's readability.

CHARTS Business Plan is due to be renewed in 2024 and we have undertaking considerable research and copy writing in support of it. 

Both Tacit-Tacit and Ruskin Lane are members of CHARTS and we're pleased to be working with an organisation that benefits the communities in which we live.

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