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Client Name:

The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

  • Newsletter

  • Events programme leaflets

  • Events posters

  • Membership brochure

  • Strategic Plan 2022-27

I have worked with the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland since 2015 when I won the contract to redesign their membership newsletter. Since then, I have designed events leaflets, recruitment and membership flyers, conference programmes, and posters.

This client is particularly concerned that their publications are visually accessible so the designs and typeface are bold, simple and high-contrast.

I am also a Fellow of the Society.

To find out about becoming a Fellow, visit

Abigail takes the time to get to know her clients and understand their needs, her designs are clean and eye-catching and she always manages to deliver on time and on budget!
Director, Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
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