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Client Name:

Maya Hoole

Project Name:

The Achavanich Beaker Burial Project (roll-up banner exhibition)

Maya Hoole is a researcher and illustrator who had created an independent research project based on her rediscovery of an excavation archive. She believed that the archive deserved more attention, and that the records and physical remains could be analysed further. A surprising amount of information about the 'Ava's' life was revealed and the initial research needed to be presented to the public. 

Maya's style of illustration lent itself to a graphic novel format, and we collaborated to create three roll-up banners telling the story of the original excavation, the archives, and research findings. Further analysis has since superseded some of these initial conclusions, and more information can be found at Maya's website.

Client Name:

Lesley Milne, author and researcher

Project Name:

Laughter and War: Humorous-satirical magazines in Britain, France, Germany and Russia 1914-1918

Author and researcher, Lesley Milne, had a book accepted for publication and needed a designer to create a cover and layout text, plates and illustrations. The publisher had a house style which needed precise replication. Many of the images and cartoons needed colour and contrast correction.

The publication can be bought at Cambridge Scholars.

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